We meet moms who choose second-hand first when it comes to their kids clothing. We discuss their journey, how they got there and tips and tricks to adopt preloved as a lifestyle.


Meet Jenna, mama of 2 girls, Lawyer by day, and preloved small shops supporter by night.

I fell in love with her IG page Everyday_Everly (expect twirling dresses and a stylish cool everyday style you could never dream to achieve :) and when Jenna told me that her girl’s closet was about 75% preloved I knew we had to have a chat!


How did you start buying second-hand clothing for your girls ?

I started posting things locally for sale in an app. When I was on Mat leave I would post things that my oldest Everly outgrew and as much as I was posting as a seller I was like: ‘’oh I can also buy things too’’ and that’s kinda what started it. 

I wasn’t foreseeing to keep things for another child and it kinda just blossomed to that. And in the last couple of years, I’ve kinda decided ‘’No I’m really gonna try to buy preloved’’. It just makes sense, in terms of price, in terms of economy, in terms of environment and kids outgrow things so quickly.

It’s only been in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic that I actually started caring a bit more about the brands, like more higher-end brands and more ‘’small shops stuff’’, this is what I prefer.


What do you enjoy the most about buying preloved?

To be able to find something at a really good price point, that is in a good condition. And fairly recently I also tried to incorporate preloved into my own wardrobe too. 

When did you have the switch to consciously buy more preloved? 

I don’t know, it was kind of slow, when I had first started buying and selling (on the app) it definitely wasn’t a goal to be all preloved, I was more like ‘’ Oh this is cute, this could work for daycare’’ and then it kinda blossomed from there. 

I’m more into supporting small shops and things that I like and again being a bit more particular about the brands that I buy. If I do buy new I think of whether or not 1. I’m gonna keep it for my second child and if it is something I absolutely love so then I’m gonna order for her or 2. If I can resell it after I used it, like if it has a ‘’good resale value’’.


What would you say to a friend that wants to start shopping for second-hand clothing for the first time?

 I think I would probably recommend more higher-end clothing or those higher-end brands that you can get at a more lucrative price but preloved. And then also, look for a condition that is rated as ‘’excellent’’ as opposed to like ‘’very good used condition’’, just because if she’s just starting out if your first preloved hauls are stains and holes or something, you’re gonna be like ‘’no thank you’’, ‘’I'm not doing this again’’ [laugh]!

That would be my recommendation and go for pieces that you really like. 

For instance one of the brands that really got us into preloved is Alice + Ames. The first dress we got, we got it used. Everly really likes it, it wasn't a ''fight'' to put it on in the morning, she wanted to wear it every day, it’s super cute, it’s functional. And it has still been a staple.

What are your current favorite childrenswear brands?

 I bought from Alice + Ames new a handful of times and I do like the brand, I do like the quality. I can either keep it for my youngest or I can sell it If I don't love it or if we had our time with it. That's like one of the main brands that cycles through our house in both of the girls' closets and same for Rylee + Cru.

Do you think there is still a ‘’stigma’’ to shop for second-hand clothing?

I feel like growing up when you think about the people buying second hand, they equate that to poverty and ‘’you can't afford to buy new clothes’’ and I feel like that’s kinda what we grew up with. And to be honest, I probably believed that too for a while as well, I think like now, preloved is like a nice way to say second hand but people also think of preloved like ‘’it's used’’ or has stains on it or like in a really bad condition but you can buy second-hand and have things in great condition, you know what I mean?

Any tips for dressing your girls in the morning ? What has been working for you ?

Haha, let’s start with tips that don't work [laugh] !. No seriously, Everly is so particular, she's really into long dresses, she wants to wear long maxi dresses all the time, but then she wants to play throughout the day. And like, you know, it's just not always practical. 

I usually try to give her a choice between two outfits in the morning. It usually doesn't always work cause she still picks something else but I try. We are still working on that over here [laugh]

Do you follow a process when you shop?

So like, every 3 months and as the seasons change, I kind of go through their closets. I try to put my foot down and be like, ‘’No, she's not gonna wear this. We don't need to keep it for the next three years for Audrey (my youngest) so we're going to sell it’’. So that way we'll be able to buy something else that they do wanna wear and that can be more useful.   

 Yeah, that’s one of the things with preloved I do buy ahead a bit more. I like to buy the next sizes up in advance.


 Like for instance for my youngest Audrey, I'm not really buying anything that she's in her size right now because we have too much already. Like I'm buying the next season and the next size up already. 


It looks like it has become a hobby for you, tell us more about that?

It really has become a hobby for me that I enjoy and I like having my girls looking in clothes you don’t see every other child wearing.

I think I enjoyed developing relationships and having people that have the same mindset. I met some mums through selling preloved because I would buy their kids' clothes and we ended up actually going on playdates and stuff like that.

it’s something that I enjoy, if it's ever something that I don't enjoy I’ll stop it. I like having my girls' closet preloved and I'm trying to make my own closet more preloved too.

Shop curated items from Everly and Audrey closet on Friday 24th September 11.00 EST.


Jenna's IG : @everyday__everly


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  • Lovely message and thank you for being kind to the world by purchasing great quality children’s clothing that have been gently loved by another beautiful child. It’s so inspiring to read your messages. Wonderful!

    Lynn Merrithew

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